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Aquatic Walker

Enjoy our aquatic walker for the fitness of your companion.
See the results afer 20 days of treatment.

Why balneotherapy ?


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Maintenance in condition between two competitions or during your holidays

You won’t need a rider to keep your horse in good condition during your holidays or between competitions.

Are you a French show jumping rider, dressage rider or endurance rider? Brilliant! Even if your horse is a trotter or galloper, our team will ensure its daily care. Its muscles will be maintained and developed by work in the aquatic walker.

The walk in the water presents a playful aspect for the horse and gives a natural massage. This relaxation is enhanced by solarium sessions.

A refit after a forced stop to prepare for a new competition season

Thanks to the work acquired by the therapeutic aquatic walker (the hydrodynamic resistance and the equilibrium in the water) we will support your horse’s maintenance and the development of its muscular mass in a sustained and gentle way.

Daily weighing will make it easier to track the health of your horse : to keep or gain ideal form weight.

Maintenance between two postoperative convalescences

In collaboration with our veterinarian, your veterinarian, your coach or yourself, we can define the frequency and duration of sessions that will best suit your horse for recovery in a gentle but sustained way.  

Tendonitis treatment

The relatively low temperature of the water contracts the tissues, which reduces inflammation of the joint and strengthens the muscles and tendons. Walking in the water allows a gradual recovery.

For everyone

Showering the limbs after each session. A solarium session. To keep their spirits high, our paddocks will bring them the necessary relaxation.

The frequency and duration of sessions are defined in agreement with the owner, the coach, the coach, our referring veterinarian or the usual horse veterinarian.

We can offer them other care such as…

Wellness massage, therapeutic massage, stretching, acupuncture, kinesio tape, cryotherapy, intuitive communication, dry needling.

Facilities in the stable

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